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Environmental Policy

Arden Windows has a full environmental policy which can be downloaded here for further information.  In addition to our policy we have taken a number of steps to improve our environmental credentials including the implementation of an Environmental Management System ISO 14001 and investments in machinery and working practices to reduce our carbon footprint described below.

Boron Timber Preservation

Over £500k investment has been made by Arden Windows Ltd in a new windows and doors paintline incorporating Boron preservative. Arden Windows continues to focus and develop its environmental position.  Arden Windows Ltd is the first ‘large scale' timber window manufacturer in the UK to use Wykabor for timber preservation for its factory finishing process.

In partnership with a high quality paint system, Arden Windows can now offer customers a superior range of windows and doors which have significant environmental and durability advantages over traditional vacuum impregnated joinery products.


In a traditional semi-detached house, 10 litres of VOC solvent preservative treatment are used (using traditional preservation methods that are harmful to the environment). So we decided to SAY NO to VOCs. If you want to find out more about why we switched to water based preservative click here for more information


Image of Say No to VOCs document

Wykabor Wood Preservative - Some Key Facts

Boron is an element ubiquitous in the environment. One of the most important functions Boron serves is to keep the world green. All plants depend on trace amounts of Boron to thrive, and trees need it to grow. We ingest trace amounts of Boron every day through our food and nutritional studies confirm Boron forms an essential part of a healthy human diet.

How does Boron preservation work?
Borates (salts of Boron) work to control insects and fungi that attack wood by inhibiting their metabolism. The Borates effectively impede the ability of organisms to process their food causing them to starve and eventually die. Borate preservative comes in an almost clear, water based solution which is flow coated onto the surface of the wood and allowed to dry prior to further factory finishing.

What are the advantages to our customers?
Compared to double vacuum impregnation, Borate preservation delivers significant environmental advantages including:

  • Significant reduction of VOCs - linked to the increased production of low level Ozone causing conditions such as asthma
  • Effective preservative absorption and retention - Firstly the flow coating process allow Borates to penetrate the wood via the woods' moisture content. A very low level of moisture content is required to achieve effective penetration; Secondly, if moisture levels increase in service, the Borates migrate deeply where-ever there is risk of decay
  • Boron based preservative run-off in the flow coating process is recyclable
  • Boron is not classified as an environmental hazard as it is naturally occurring and does not bio-accumulate
  • Boron has low acute mammalian toxicity (similar to table salt)
  • Low to zero emissions to air, land or water - Borates do not evaporate (unlike VOC based traditional preservatives) delivering high levels of protection throughout the life of the product

Above all else, Borates have a significant track record in protecting timber for very long periods of time, and have been used successfully for over 50 years as a method of timber preservation, both abroad and in the UK. When maintained in service, Arden Windows factory finished products come with a 35 year guarantee against insect and fungal attack, meeting and exceeding the requirements of Hazard Class 3 Protection for Joinery products.





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