Supporting legislation

Arden wholly supports and often exceeds current and planned legislation with regards to the environmental impacts of the timber window industry. As active members of the BWF who consult directly with Government, Arden takes a positive role in advocating the environmental benefits of using timber in construction, influencing future policy for the benefit of future generations.

Carbon reduction

Timber acts as a carbon sink throughout its growth cycle with trees actively absorbing Co2 from the atmosphere. Engineered timber-based windows and doors have significantly lower impacts on the environment than their uPVC counterparts and are carbon-negative over their original life-cycle. Windows manufactured from engineered timber have an estimated lifespan of 60 years.

Wellness in timber

There are a number of interesting studies that show how the hygroscopic nature of timber moderates humidity and improves air quality within a space. The colour and texture of timber have been demonstrated to evoke feelings of warmth, comfort and relaxation. Therefore using timber in construction can reduce heart rates and blood pressure levels, thus reducing stress and anxiety.
Our Warranties

Products made to last

Over the last 30 years, Arden Windows has developed an impressive capability in manufacturing high-quality windows and doors

  • Life Expectancy of 60+ years
  • Environmentally-friendly coating systems
  • Fully factory finished and factory glazed
  • Market-leading certification and accreditation
  • Comprehensive 10-year warranty on all products
  • 35 year warranty against fungal and insect attack

Reducing our carbon footprint

Arden Windows operate an environmental management system accredited to ISO 14001. In addition to this, we have taken a number of steps to improve our environmental credentials, including investments in biomass heating, waste reduction initiatives, and smart working practices all implemented to reduce our carbon footprint.
Our Environmental Policy