Arden invest in a new Biomass heating system

As we continue to look at the environmental impact of our entire operation; carbon reduction, waste reduction, and energy consumption are foremost in our thoughts. With this in mind, we have taken the significant decision to invest in a replacement Biomass boiler system at our manufacturing unit in Coventry. The new system is to be installed by Talbotts in late May 2021, and will enable us to burn sawdust extracted from our automated CNC lines, and any other timber waste created as a bi-product of our manufacturing process. The heat generated will provide heating to our buildings, and to our automated paint lines. This installation will enhance our movement towards our carbon reduction targets enabling us to recycle our own waste, and significantly decrease our reliance on external energy resources.

The Talbotts’ ‘MWE’ Modern Wood Energy range as standard incorporate automatic de-ash, heat exchange cleaning, oxygen trim ‘lambda control’, all to ensure efficient, clean and complete combustion. They are designed to use such biomass fuels as:

Wood Pellets, Wood Chips, MDF, Chipboard, Hardwood, Softwoods.